Taxi Fare from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong (Seoul Downtown)

For travellers who want comfort, convenience and certainty, taxi is still the best choice to go from Incheon International Airport to the door step of your hotel / destination in Myeongdong or anywhere in downtown Seoul. Before you continue reading, it is worth knowing that there is also a convenient limousine bus service that can bring you directly from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong at the fare of only KRW10,000 (Click "Airport Bus" on the menu above for more information).

Flat Taxi Fare for International Taxi from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong

For many foreigners arriving in Seoul, International Taxi Service is the favourite type of taxi to take at Incheon International Airport. International Taxi has two advantages. Firstly, unlike other taxi drivers, the international taxi drivers can at least understand and speak basic English. Secondly, the taxi fare for international taxi is fixed at flat price according to zones of travelling. Therefore, you do not have to worry about traffic jam if the taxi driver is using meter. If you want to go from Incheon International Airport to Myeongdong, the flat taxi fare is KRW65,000. Best of all, this flat taxi fare is not more expensive compared to other Seoul taxis using meter. 

How to hire an International taxi at Incheon Airport to go to Myeongdong (Downtown Seoul)

There are two international taxi counters where you can hire a taxi to Myeongdong upon arriving at Incheon International Airport. The first counter is located between exit Gates 4 and Gate 5 in the arrival hall (Desk No 23) and the second counter is locted between exit Gates 8 and Gate 9 in the arrival hall (Desk No 46). 
Two International Taxi Counters Located at the Arrival Hall of Incheon Airport, one between Gate 8 and 9 and another one between Gate 4 and 5.
International Taxi Counter - The staff can speak fluently in English, Mandarin and Japanese languages
Just approach the friendly staff at any of these counters to tell them that you want to hire an international taxi to Myeongdong (or give them the exact hotel or destination name).

How Many Passengers can a Taxi Carry from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong, Seoul?

You can choose between Medium Taxi, Luxury Taxi and Large Taxi. Medium Taxi can carry 3 adult passengers and 2 to 3 luggages depending on size. Luxury Taxi is a luxury car with more comfort and space for 3 passengers and 4 luggages. Large Taxi can carry up to 7 adult passengers and 7 luggages.
The staff at the taxi counter will determine the taxi fare based on the zone of your destination and the type of taxi you choose. In case of Myeongdong, which is located in Jongno (Zone B), the flat taxi fare is KRW65,000 for Medium Taxi and KRW95,000 for Luxury Taxi or Large Taxi. These taxi fares from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong or destinations in downtown Seoul are not expensive if shared among a few travellers in a group. Using taxi can also save you quite a fair bit of walking and pulling your heavy baggage compared to using airport limousine bus or AREX train. 

Medium Taxi in Orange Color
Large Taxi in Black Color
The best thing about hiring an international taxi at the airport counter is that the taxi driver will come to the taxi counter and help to take your baggage and lead your to the taxi without you having to figure out the direction to the taxi stand. You will also get a taxi card with the driver's name taxi registration number for your safety and record.

Taxi Fare from Myeongdong to Incheon International Airport

Similarly, you can also take international taxi from your hotel in Myeongdong to Incheon Airport on your way back. Most tourists staying in Myeongdong favour this option because they usually have heavy baggages to carry after their shopping sprees in Myeongdong. The return taxi fare from your hotel in Myeongdong to Incheon International Airport is similar to the taxi fare from the airport, which is around 65,000won to 95,000won depending on the types of taxi you hire. 
If you are worried about not being able to get a taxi in time catch your flight at Incheon Airport, you can also book your international taxi in advance to pick you up at the hotel with no extra charge. Booking of international taxi must be done at least 24 hours before departure. Reservation can be made by calling telephone number +82-1644-2255 (drop +82 when call inside Korea) or email to reserve @ intltaxi . co . kr or visit h t t p : /  / intltaxi . co . kr /  Home  /  book. Please note that reservation office only operate from 9.00am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday. The office is closed on Sunday and Korean public holidays.
For travellers flying into Incheon Airport, it is worth noting that you can also make a booking for international taxi from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong in advance before you arrival (at least 24 hours). However, don't worry if you don't have a booking. There are usually a lot of taxis at Incheon Airport. You can easily hire one upon arrival.

Should You Choose Taxi, Shuttle Bus or Train to go from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong / Downtown Seoul?

Myeongdong is a popular place to stay for tourists and travellers to Seoul. Limousine bus 6015 can take you directly from Incheon Airport to many popular hotels in Myeongdong at only 10,000won. The disadvantage is that you have to walk from the bus stop to the hotel compared to taxi. This can be a bit adventurous and difficult especially if you are travelling with elderly, kids or have large and heavy baggages. 
On the other hand, if you choose to take AREX train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station and then take LINE 4 subway to Myeongdong Station, the total fare is only 9,250won. Taking train is slightly cheaper than bus but it requires more walking when you change line at Seoul Station and to get to the ground when you arrive at Myeongdong subway station.
Of course, taking taxi from Incheon International Airport directly to Myeongdong is easiest and most comfortable way of transportation. Needless to say, the taxi fare of 65,000won is more expensive compared to taking shuttle bus 6015 or AREX train to Myeongdong. However, if you want more comfort and less hassle, taking taxi is still the preferred and worthwhile way of transportation to get from Incheon International Airport to Myeongdong and downtown Seoul, especially if you are travelling with family or small group.