Limousine Bus 6021 from Gimpo Airport to Myeongdong

For those who are arriving in Seoul through Gimpo International Airport from Jeju or other airports in South Korea or in the region, you can take the express shuttle bus 6021 service from Gimpo Airport to Myeongdong.

Bus Stop for Limousine Bus 6021 from Gimpo Airport to Myeongdong

Take Bus 6021 at Gimpo Airport at Bus Stop No. 4 for Domestic Arrival and Bus Stop No. 6 for International Arrival
If you are arriving at Gimpo Airport on domestic flights within South Korea, you can get onto Limousine Bus 6021 at Bus Stop No. 4 after walking across the road from Gate 6 outside the airport terminal building (see the Gimpo Airport map above).
On the other hand, if you arrive at Gimpo Aiport on international flights, then it would nearer to wait for Limousine Bus 6021 to Myeongdong at Bus Stop 6 which is outside Gate 1 (refer to the Gimpo International Airport map above). 

Ticket Fare for Bus 6021 to Myeongdong from Gimpo International Airport

The 6021 bus ticket fare from Gimpo International Airport to Myeongdong is KRW7,000 one way per passenger. The ticket can be purchase at the arrival hall of Gimpo International Airport before boarding the bus. Of course, this fare is more expensive than train ticket fare of 1,650won per person if you take train from Gimpo to Seoul Station and then change line to Seoul Subway Line 4 at Seoul Station to go to Myeongdong Station. Having said that, taking bus is still the most convenient way if you are have big baggages with you because you don't have to drag it along to the train station or carry them when changing train line at Seoul Station.  

Timetable for Bus 6021 from Gimpo Airport to Myeongdong

Limousine Bus 6021 start operating from Gimpo International Airport with first bus departing at 5:00am early in the morning. The last bus to Myeongdong will depart Gimpo Airport at 11:10pm at night. For those who arrive near mid night, you might have to consider taking train or taxi. The last train from Gimpo will depart at mid night which is still in time for your catch the Line 4 subway train to Myeongdong at 12.45am after mid night. 
The bus journey time is about 50 minutes from Gimpo Airport to Myeongdong. Of course this may be affected traffic jam but generally it would not be longer than an hour. 
For your information, bus 6021 departs from Gimpo International Airport normally about every 30 to 35 minutes during working hours. So you do not have to worry about missing the bus because the longest you have to wait for another airport shuttle bus to arrive is only 30-35 minutes. However, during early morning, late night or weekend, the waiting time might be slightly longer. You can refer to the timetable for Bus 6021 departure from Gimpo Airport below for the exact time. Normally, the bus will come on time.
Timetable for Bus 6021 Departure from Gimpo Airport. Bus trip to Myeongdong will take about 50 minutes.

Where are the Bus Stops in Myeongdong for Bus 6021 from Gimpo Airport?

The best thing about taking Airport Limousine Bus 6021 from Gimpo to Myeongdong is that each bus stop name is announced in four languages, including English, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. Therefore, you will not miss the bus stop you intend to get off the bus even if it is your first time to Myeongdong Seoul. 
After stopping at Seoul Station and Namdaemoon Market, bus 6021 will make the first stop in Myeongdong area at Hotel Ibis Ambassador Myeongdong Station. This bus stop is located right in front of the Ibis Ambassador Myeongdong hotel and opposite Lotte Departmental Store. It is also near EXIT 6 of Euljiro Subway Station. The Bus Stop is also known as Ibis Myeongdong in short.
Gimpo Airport Bus 6021 Bus Stop at Ibis Ambassador Myeongdong Hotel (right in front of the hotel)

The next stop in Myeongdong area for Limousine Bus 6021 is Royal Hotel Station (Tiffany Entrance). If you are staying at Hotel Skypark Central or Ekonomy Central Myeongdong Hotel, you can also get off the bus here. 
After Royal Hotel Staiton, bus 6021 from Gimpo Airport will stop at the following stations around Myeongdong:
  1. Uljiro 2(Pine Avenue) Bus Stop, 
  2. BestWestern Kukdo Hotels (Euljiro 4-ga) Bus Stop, 
  3. Acacia Hotel (Western Coop) Bus Stop, 
  4. Uljiro Co-Op Residence Bus Stop, 
  5. Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) Bus Stop, 
  6. Toyoko Inn Hotel Bus Stop, 
  7. Toegyero 6, Sky Park Hotel Dongdaemun Bus Stop, 
  8. Hotel PJ(Chungmuro) Bus Stop, 
  9. The toegyero 3 Hanok Village (Mark Hotel T) Bus Stop.
The last station for Bus 6021 from Gimpo Airport is Myeongdong Station. This bus stop is located near EXIT 8 of Myeongdong Subway Station. If you stay at hotels near Myeongdong Subway Station such as Prince Hotel, Ninetree Hotel, Skypark Myeongdong III Hotel, L7 Myeongdong by Lotte, Sejong Hotel or Loisir Myeongdong, you should get off bus 6021 at this station. Note that bus 6015 from Incheon International Airport also stops at Myeongdong station.
Gimpo Airport Bus 6015 Bus Stop - Myeongdong Station (in front of Ninetree Hotel, Hotel L7 Myeongdong by Lotte and Hotel Skypark Myeongdong III and opposite Prince Hotel. 

Return trip from Myeongdong to Gimpo Airport using Limousine Bus 6021

If you are planning to take a bus from Myeongdong to Gimpo International Airport for a flight from to Jeju Island or other destinations inside or outside Korea, you can take the same Airport Limousine Bus, which is Bus 6021 from Myeongdong to Gimpo Airport. The bus ticket fare is the same, which is KRW7,000 per passenger
For the 6021 bus trip from Myeongdong to Gimpo Airport, the first bus will depart from Ibis Ambassador Myeongdong Hotel bus stop at 5.45am every morning while the last bus will depart from this bus stop at 8:40pm in the evening. For departure from Myeongdong Station bus stop, the first bus will depart at 6.05am in the morning while the last bus will depart from this bus stop at 9.05pm in the evening. The trip to Gimpo Airport is also approximately 50 minutes. However, if you are taking the bus 6021 to Gimpo Airport, it is advisable that you allocate extra one hour time to cater for unexpected event such as missing the bus or any other emergency.

Alternative to Airport Shuttle / Limousine Bus 6021 from Gimpo Airport to Myeongdong

Apart from taking the Airport Shuttle bus (known as Airport Limousine Bus in Korea) 6021 to get to Myeongdong from Gimpo, you can also use the train and subway service. The ticket cost is cheaper and the trip time can be slightly shorter than bus 6021 too. However, you will need to walk a bit when changing train at Seoul Station (more on this in the next post), which can be less convenient if you have heavy baggages. Therefore, just like taking bus 6015 from Incheon Airport, taking bus 6021 from Gimpo International Airport to Myeongdong is still the best option to many tourists, especially if they are staying at hotels near bus 6021 bus stops in Myeongdong.