Welcome to Myeong-dong!

Welcome to the most happening shopping and entertainment district in Seoul, Myeongdong! Whatever your reason is for visiting Seoul, Myeongdong is not to be missed from your Seoul experience.

Shopaholic Heaven

Known as the most best shopping district for the locals and tourists, Myeongdong hosts a wide range brand names and product for fashion, accessories, beauty products and food, from discount and budget shopping to high end international brands. For shopping and dining,

The Best Time to Visit Myeong-dong

Myeongdong is good to visit both during the day (from 10am) to the evening (up to 10pm ++). If you visit during the evening, there is a on street night market where you can find many good bargains for clothes, shoes, hats, bags etc. in addition to the food and drinks stores.

Getting There

Visiting Myeongdong is easy as it is located right at Myeongdong Subway Stations along Seoul Subway Line 4. You can either get down the train at Myeong-dong Subway Station.

Yummy Food

Apart from fabulous shopping, Myeong-dong also offer some of the best and famous restaurants in Seoul and Korea. Korean BBQ, Bibimbab, Ginseng Chicken, dumpling are not to be missed, just to name a few.

Money Changers in Myeongdong

Money changers are plentiful here. You can find one almost every in every 20 steps or so in Myeong-dong. Four currencies, namely, China RMB, Euro, USD and Japanese Yen are widely exchanged here are very competitive rates displayed clearly by most currency exchanges. For other currencies, all you need to do is to inquire. Many of the money changers are willing to accept other currencies as well.

Staying in Myeongdong

Staying in Myeongdong during your visit to Seoul may prove to a wise choice. Its central location and happening surrounding makes it a good base to explore wider Seoul if you have time and enjoy the best part of Seoul if you are in a hurry.

Myeongdong Nanta Show!

If you are looking for some entertainment, Myeongdong has some of the best and classic in Seoul. Check out the MyeongDong NANTA Theatre and enjoy a Nanta show. Satisfaction is guaranteed even if you don't know a single Korean word.

Experience Seoul

Myeongdong has its special charm that draw crowds days and nights without exception. Regardless of whether you are visiting Seoul for business or leisure, spending some time in Myeong-dong may well prove to be the most worthwhile experience for your visit to Seoul.