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From Myeongdong Seoul to Nami Island

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How to go to Haneul Park (Sky Park) from Myeong-dong

Haneul Park is the latest number one romantic park that are most loved by dating couples in Seoul. Don't miss Haneul (Sky) Park if you are visiting Seoul with your loved one. But how to get there? From Myeong-dong to Haneul Park by Subway Train The easiest way to go to Haneul Park is by using Seoul Subway train. If you stay near Myeong-dong station, Hoehyeon Station or Seoul Station, just follow the train route below: Subway Train Route from Myeongdong Station, Seoul to Haneul Park near EXIT 1 World Cup Stadium Station.  Subway Route / Direction From Myeongdong Station (LINE 4 Seoul Metropolitan Subway), take subway train towards Heohyeon direction to Samgakji Station . Upon arriving at Samgakji Station, change to LINE 6 . On LINE 6, take subway train towards Hyochang Park direction to World Cup Stadium Station . Exit World Cup Stadium Station using EXIT 1 . Follow the signage for walking direction from World Cup Stadium station EXIT 1 to Haneul Park.  The subway tra

Bus 6015 from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong

Which Bus to Take from Incheon to Myeongdong So exactly which bus do you need to take to go to Myeongdong once you arrive at Incheon International Airport? Answer: BUS 6015 . You can catch bus 6015 at either   TERMINAL 1   PLATFORM 5B-1  of outside the arrival hall (1st Floor) of   Incheon Airport or   the new TERMINAL 2 (T2) 1 basement floor PLATFORM NUMBER 28 . The location of bus 6015 bus stops at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are shown below. Bus Stop 28, Terminal 2: Bus 6015 will pick up passengers here to Myeong-dong Exit 5 Terminal 1: Bus 6015 will pick up passengers here to Myeong-dong [ CLICK TO ENLARGE ] Route for Bus 6015 from Incheon Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 to Mapo and Myeongdong The bus seats are comfortable. There are spaces on the bus for your to put your luggage. So don't worry if you have some luggage with you. The bus is specifically catering for passengers from the airport. Ticket for Bus 6015 to Myeong-dong A one way ticket for Bus

From Myeongdong Subway Station to Namsan Tower / Namsan Park / N Seoul Tower

A bit of climbing, a bit of walking but they are all worth it when you arrive at Namsan Park from the nearest subway station, Myeongdong. Enjoying the panoramic view of Seoul from N Seoul Tower completes your visit to Seoul. Tips : If you plan to go up to the Observatory of N Seoul Tower, you may want to book your admission ticket  online   first because of   LONG QUEUE  at ticket counter can be during  PEAK HOUR  in the evening.  Ticket Price  -  KRW7,013 ( Book Online ) /  KRW10,000 ( Buy at Counter ) Video Preview - Namsan Park & N Seoul Tower Beautiful Namsan Park N Seoul Tower / Namsan Tower, one of the top attractions in Seoul. Here is how to get to the top of N Seoul Tower, the highest point in Seoul. Assuming that you take subway train to Myeongdong, or better, staying in Myeongdong, lets start the journey to the top from Myeongdong Subway Station on LINE 4 of Seoul Metropolitan Subway network. Just choose one of the three options below to get to th

Welcome to Myeong-dong!

Welcome to the most happening shopping and entertainment district in Seoul, Myeongdong! Whatever your reason is for visiting Seoul, Myeongdong is not to be missed from your Seoul experience. Shopaholic Heaven Known as the most best shopping district for the locals and tourists, Myeongdong hosts a wide range brand names and product for fashion, accessories, beauty products and food, from discount and budget shopping to high end international brands. For shopping and dining, The Best Time to Visit Myeong-dong Myeongdong is good to visit both during the day (from 10am) to the evening (up to 10pm ++). If you visit during the evening, there is a on street night market where you can find many good bargains for clothes, shoes, hats, bags etc. in addition to the food and drinks stores. Getting There Visiting Myeongdong is easy as it is located right at Myeongdong Subway Stations along Seoul Subway Line 4. You can either get down the train at Myeong-dong Subway Station. Yummy F

AREX / Subway Train from Incheon Airport to Myeong-dong, Seoul (2019 Updated)

Taking AREX is the cheapest way to go from Incheon Airport ( both Terminal 1 or the new Terminal 2 ) to Seoul Station (fare:  KRW8,000 ( Book Online ) . Train from Incheon International Airport (Terminal 1 or Terminal 2) to Myeong-dong Station (Change Train Line 4 at Seoul Station) Having said that, if you are going to Myeong-dong, taking train and subway from Incheon International Airport to Myeong-dong is the second best choice because you need to change from AREX train to Subway Line 4 at Seoul Station. The best choice is still to take Bus 6015  (fare: KRW 10,000 = approx US$8.80) that takes you directly to Myeongdong. Before you continue reading, just be WARNED that taking train to Myeongdong is NOT advisable if you have to carry heavy luggage with you . You have to walk for about five minutes Seoul Station to change line from AREX train to Line 4 of Seoul Subway to get to Myeongdong Station. In addition, the subway station is deep underground. The stairs at subway stati

Shuttle Bus from Myeongdong Seoul to Alpensia Resort Pyeongchang

If you are in Seoul from 15 December 2017 onwards , don't miss the opportunity to experience skiing and snowboarding at Korean's favourite slopes at Alpensia Resort in Pyeongchang. Alpensia Resort is about 3 hours plus of driving from Seoul but take it easy. There is a comfortable shuttle bus service that can take you from Myeongdong Seoul to Alpensia Resort. ONLINE BOOKING required. ~ HOW TO TAKE SHUTTLE BUS TO ALPENSIA RESORT PYEONGCHANG FROM MYEONGDONG SEOUL? Shuttle Bus to Alpensia Resort picks up passengers at EXIT 4 of Myeongdong Subway Station (Line 4 of Seoul Metropolitan Subway) in front of McDonald. The location map of this bus stop for Shuttle Bus is shown below. [CLICK TO ENLARGE MAP] Map of Bus Stop Location at EXIT 4 of Myeongdong Station for Shuttle Bus to Alpensia Resort Pyeongchang The Bus Stop for Shuttle Bus to Alpensia Resort Pyeongchang is located in front of McDonald's and EXIT 4 of Myeongdong Subway Station. Note: Another pick up poin