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How to go to Haneul Park (Sky Park) from Myeong-dong

Haneul Park is the latest number one romantic park that are most loved by dating couples in Seoul. Don't miss Haneul (Sky) Park if you are visiting Seoul with your loved one. But how to get there?

From Myeong-dong to Haneul Park by Subway Train

The easiest way to go to Haneul Park is by using Seoul Subway train. If you stay near Myeong-dong station, Hoehyeon Station or Seoul Station, just follow the train route below:
Subway Train Route from Myeongdong Station, Seoul to Haneul Park near EXIT 1 World Cup Stadium Station. 

Subway Route / Direction

From Myeongdong Station (LINE 4 Seoul Metropolitan Subway), take subway train towards Heohyeon direction to Samgakji Station. Upon arriving at Samgakji Station, change to LINE 6. On LINE 6, take subway train towards Hyochang Park direction to World Cup Stadium Station. Exit World Cup Stadium Station using EXIT 1. Follow the signage for walking direction from World Cup Stadium station EXIT 1 to Haneul Park. 
The subway train ticket fare for this journey from Myeongdong Station to World Cup Stadium Station is 1,350 KRW if you use T-Money card or 1,450 KRW if you buy ticket at station by cash. This subway trip will take about 35 minutes.


Wear good walking shoes. Haneul park is a large park with slight hilly terrain. Do expect to walk quite a bit (by then you will probably know Korea people enjoy walking / hiking very much). Take your sweet time to enjoy the scenic park and some nice photo shoots as memory of your trip. 


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