Cherry Blossoms at N Seoul Tower (Namsan Park) near Myeongdong, Seoul

Spring is here and it is time for Cherry Blossoms again. If you are in Myeondong in April, do not miss the opportunity to visit Namsan Moutain nearby to enjoy the beautiful and romantic scene under cherry blossoms.

Beautiful Scenes of Cherry Blossoms at Namsan Park

N Seoul Tower at Night with Beautiful Cherry Blossoms. Visit Cherry Blossoms Festival at Namsan Park until 10 April 2016  *
Bring along a good DSLR camera to capture the most beautiful Cherry Blossom Photos at Namsan Park, especially late afternoon *
Come with your lover to Seoul for a romantic walk under cherry blossoms at night *

 *Photo credits: Korea Tourism Organization

The Best Time to See Cherry Blossoms in Seoul

March to April is normally the best time to view Cherry Blossoms in Seoul. This year, Cherry Blossom Festival ongoing now till April 10 at Daegu , N Seoul Tower. Even after the festival, you can probably still Cherry Blossoms until late April in many places. 

How to go from Myeongdong to Namsan Park for Cherry Blossoms?

Myeongdong is actually very near to N Seoul Tower and Namsan Park. So after spending time shopping and dining at Myeongdong, why not head to Namsan Park later in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful scenes of cherry blossoms. If you don't mind a bit of walking, just walk your way towards N Seoul Tower from Myeongdong Station following the walking direction here. After walking and enjoying the view at Namsan Park, go up to N Seoul Tower enjoy the best night view of Seoul at N Seoul Tower. If you like to take photos, do not forget to bring a good camera or DSLR. Apart from sweet memory, it is also good to capture the nice scenes of cherry blossoms at Namsan Park in your camera.


  1. oh so excited to see these cherry blossoms...we love it!

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Arthur Chan,
      For direction on how to go to Namsan from Myeongdong, you can read our post

  3. Hi, any1 know if I'm gg in mid April , will I get to see? Cherry blossom ? Thank you

    1. Hello Aggie Tan,
      Yes, you have good chance of seeing Cherry Blossom in Seoul if you go in mid April according to current Cherry Blossom forecast. Enjoy visiting Myeongdong.

  4. If i go there in december, will i get to see the snow? Or nah?

  5. cherry blossoms gets everyone excited this location in seol offers perfect secnaries for cherry blossom I love the photos on the blog too gotten me so impressed

  6. Beautiful palace.but I'm unlucky girl.i cannot visit from Sri Lanka...


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